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February 5th, 2010 | Posted by suzi

These are some simple and easy-to-use plugins that we’ve found. I’ll highlight fancy/super-awesome plugins elsewhere; this list is just for the basics.

Breadcrumb Trail

Really simple breadcrumb plugin, you just include:

[php wraplines=”1″]
<?php breadcrumb_trail(); ?>

or to keep things from breaking if the plugin gets removed:

[php wraplines=”1″]
if ( function_exists( ‘breadcrumb_trail’ ) ) {

Example: EPIC

Added: 2/5/2010 (Link)


Gives you a handy little ‘print this page’ link wherever you want in the template. Use their provided little icon, or text, or define your own image. Quite handy.

Added: 2/5/2010 (Link)

Tiny MCE Advanced

Extends functionality of wysiwyg (good for hiding unused icons)

Added 2/5/2010 (Link)

Google Analytics for WordPress

Makes it easy for the user to simply add their google analytics tracking number from the wp interface, and edit some add’l settings. Doesn’t show analytics in the interface though.

Don’t forget to add

[php]<?php wp_footer(); ?>[/php]

to the footer of your template; that’s how wordpress renders the g-analytics javascript snippet.

Added: 2/5/2010 (Link)

WordPress.com Stats

Not as extensive analysis of stats as Google Analytics, but has the advantage of being right there on your dashboard. Easy peasy.

Added: 2/5/2010 (Link)


WP Email Capture

Super simple widget for email signups. Sends to an email, and captures, so you can export to .csv. See recent signups on dashboard!

Dumb: can’t use widget more than once (e.g. 2 different sidebars). might be possible with some hackery.

Added: 2/5/2010 (Link)

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